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Easy to use collaboration tools

Adopting social media tools will ensure better informed employees and more productive teams.

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Value-added software solution

Find new efficiencies in communication and information sharing, with no additional IT costs.

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Highly convenient Cloud solutions

Cloud deployment ensures a maximum level of reliability, redundancy, and performance.

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Safe & secure

CloudOffice provides the highest level of security, availability, and dependability.

Open-source enterprise social network software that will enhance communications within your organization and improve how you manage information.

Social_Media@Work - Cloud ready or deploy on-premises

Our Cloud-ready software solutions give every organization the opportunity to quickly add powerful, value-added tools to the workplace. Create a more connected, agile, and innovative organization with OfficeAbility social collaboration solutions.

  • Easy to Use... Even for Administrators
  • Open Source and Enterprise Ready
  • Highly Extensible for Your Development and Integration Needs
  • The Affordable Way to Connect Teams and Improve Productivity

The dynamics of how teams interact is continuously evolving. As we adapt to new technologies, so must organizations adapt.  There is a current need for more effective tools to facilitate effective collaboration and OfficeAbility delivers these tools to businesses of every size.

Reshape the way organization and employees interact. OfficeAbility is available on the AWS Cloud for rapid deployment or as an on-premises solution giving full I.T department control.

Safe and secure!

  • Flexible user permission levels
  • Encrypted user log-in (with available single sign-on)
  • Integrate with existing security protocols
  • Cloud deployed using the same secure sockets layer (SSL) protection banks use

Some of our OfficeAbility customers:

Some of our OfficeAbility customers


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