Catchy WordPress Design With Professional And Stylish Layout

  • Gary Reid
  • March 6, 2017
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WordPress is a definitive platform for putting up a website on the internet. Making a catchy and appropriate website template takes you half way there on your way to success. Designing a clear layout with a range of eye catching features is brilliant no doubt, but the way you make it work along with the content is critically important.

For creating an effective and catchy WordPress design you surely need to select attractive as well as professional looking designs matching your content.

Check out this highly useful post by Bogdan Sandu at

Examples Of Creative WordPress Designs

Bogdan Sandu

WordPress designs used to be really rigid a few years back. They all looked like each other, almost like a PHP Nuke interface, but slightly better designed. Those who are young enough to not know what I’m talking about, Google it and you’ll understand quickly.

Nowadays, however, WordPress based designs are highly creative and can have a lot of different layouts with lots of graphical elements that a few years ago were only concepts that never left a .PSD file.

We have to admin that certain types of WordPress themes look similar in structure, but that only happens because they respect certain standards for the particular type of website they are designed for.

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You first need to think how a professional website looks like and decide either your focus will be catchy designs
or the content of your WordPress design. Something in between these two is the best idea, you need to look for real estate WordPress themes providing a modest as well as modern design embellishment that does not hold back the content you want to share.

Rohit Raina has compiled a list at of 10 amazing designs:

10 Inspiring WordPress Designs Worth Stealing

Rohit Raina

For those who haven’t received the memo yet, WordPress is still the de facto blogging platform despite the heavy influx of other incredible resourceful blogging platforms

WordPress can be over-caffeinated at times, and at other times it can be too subtle for the liking. But there is always enough room for us to spread our limbs and make changes on the fly, and that’s what the webmasters of the world have attempted and succeeded in. Owing to consistent self-reinventions, WordPress has managed to endure despite the huge herd of other content management systems strewing the market.

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An effective layout depends upon the right choice of colors, images, fonts and information materials. Designers put all their efforts in making WordPress themes but ultimately you have to create designs that satisfy your users eventually for whom all this is done.

Watch this lengthy but highly useful video by Tyler Moore to learn how to create your own website:

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