Hiring the Best DUI Attorney Law Firm

Hiring the Best DUI Attorney Law Firm

If you are arrested and charged for driving under the influence, you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer to defend you. Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime and not child’s play. If you want to avoid maximum penalties for your crime, you must hire an experienced DUI lawyer for your defense. Washington DC DUI Lawyer Law Firm Bruckheim & Patel will protect your rights and ensure you have a fair trial. You will have a greater chance of winning the case if you have an excellent law firm on your side.

What Your Lawyer Should Do

There are multiple ways of defending a DUI. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your attorney will decide what defense approach is the best. However, there are always tactics you shouldn’t use because they will look bad on court. For example, if you were barely above the limit, your lawyer shouldn’t use this fact as an argument. If he does, you will only look ridiculous and the judge won’t take such argument seriously.

Also, your lawyer shouldn’t question the breathalyzer test. This is a very reliable tool for identifying if someone is sober or drunk. So, instead of trying to prove that the breathalyzer is not as accurate as they think, he should try to convince the jury that the breathalyzer is not 100% reliable and that there may be a mistake.

Don’t Blame the Officers

The best drunk driving lawyers will never try blaming the arresting officer. Attacking them in court or accusing them for something will be pointless and ridiculous. Instead, your attorney should wisely question the procedures before the arrest, and try to challenge the evidence, not just accuse someone without a strong argument. The best attorney will always use only facts and figures to build a solid defense

Your Attorney’s Goal

The goal of your attorney is to convince the jury that that the tests are not reliable enough to convince you for DUI. This may be a good strategy if you weren’t obviously drunk and if you passed the field sobriety tests. If you were obviously drunk and you failed all the tests the police officer administered, there is no point to lie. In that case, the lawyer has to change his tactics and try to make a settlement that will reduce your penalties. The most common DUI penalties include jail time, driver’s license suspension, fines, ignition interlock device installation, community service, mandatory alcohol counseling and so on.

The law enforcement actively and aggressively pursues all DC crimes including drunk driving. No matter if this is your first or subsequent offense you need to hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer to help you. Only by hiring a criminal defense attorney, you can reduce your penalties and reach a positive outcome in the case. Apart from being well familiarized with the local DUI laws and regulations, a good drunk driving law firm should have a great team to support the investigations. No matter how delicate your situation may seem, an excellent attorney will always find a way to save you from a situation that you thought was the worst in your life.