Myths About Digital Marketing That Don’t Empower Teams In Reality

  • Gary Reid
  • March 27, 2017
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Marketing industry is growing very fast and it also involves very complex players. They are offering wider and even broader range of options where they can easily connect with consumer on a world wide scale. So internet and digital marketing are considered as modern online tools and also helps to make this possible.

Here is an infographic by Irfan Ahmed at which will help you understand a lot of things:

Top 8 Digital Marketing Myths [Infographic]

July 19, 2016 Irfan Ahmad

There are many myths around social media and digital marketing and it’s effectiveness. Digital marketing can solve all of your business needs, social media marketing is easier than traditional methods, digital marketing is free of cost. And as with most myths, while there’s some small kernel of truth from which each of these rumors have expanded, the reality is that the marketing challenges remain much the same – you have to know your customers, you have to understand your audience perspective, and you need to deliver based on those data points.

And while online channels make such insights more readily available, there’s still a big learning curve involved – sure you can gain great insights from social, but you first have to learn the systems and process to best understand where to look.

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On the other hand some other aspects of digital marketing can be explained as myths. These common myths are very helpful for the business owners who want to take their brands, products to a higher rank.

Most of the people have heard about myths of digital marketing. And there are some misconceptions about marketing strategies which may include digital marketing. Most of the myths are so common and some of them may explain the truth during the earlier days of digital marketing.

Dan Scalco posted this article at about 5 Digital Marketing Myths:

Most Small-Business Owners Buy These 5 Digital Marketing Myths

Dan Scalco

MARCH 29, 2016

Digital marketing, being a relatively new form of marketing, has a lot of myths associated with it.

Running a digital marketing company, I often hear many small business owners who are under the impression that these myths are true. Regardless of whether you’re a startup or a local business, it’s important to understand fact and fiction when it comes to digital marketing. Below are the top five digital marketing myths, debunked…

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Content plays an important role:

Success in digital marketing is not basically a matter of creating large number of contents. Good digital marketing involves high quality contents that are relevant to your targeted audiences. This will also attract more website visitors.

Watch this video by Profits Marketing Group to know about common myths:

Website development is good enough for digital marketing:

Number of business owners believes that only website developments with a large number of contents are enough to make strong online strategies. And there is no need to update it on a regular basis. However this is how wrong people seek for the latest and upgraded information of what they really want.

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