How Standing Mats Contribute To Improving Work Ability?

How Standing Mats Contribute To Improving Work Ability?

  • Gary Reid
  • May 7, 2017
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Standing mats are an outstanding invention for those people who spend most of the time standing while they are working in front of their standing desk. Standing mats are acting as a game changer for many workers all over the world, they are also very useful in increasing the work performance.

As it prolongs the entire time you stand in ease by the number of working hours per day. With the ease of working you don’t get tired with your work due to the use of standing mats. It gives many additional advantages beyond the necessary need with the relief from foot and the lower back pain.

Learn best ways of using a standing mat from this article by Kathleen Hale at

Three Ways to Use a Standing Mat

by Kathleen Hale

Standing mats are awesome for helping you to avoid feelings of fatigue in your legs and feet. And they’re not just for the office!
Here are three ways that you can use a standing mat to help feel great throughout the day.
1. Standing Mat for Your Office
I’ll start with the obvious: standing mats are great to use at standing desks! As I explained in an earlier post, standing in the same position can cause tiredness in your legs and feet. These feelings are especially likely when you first make the switch from sitting all day to using a standing height desk. The feelings of tiredness though are just your body reminding you that it likes to move! A standing mat’s flexible material causes small muscle contractions in your feet, calves, and legs that improves comfort and the amount of time you can spend standing.

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Research has proven that standing mats gives the additional benefits of reduced spinal compression, development in sit reach tractability hence improving your balance and also the working capability. Standing desks encourage you to stand and move around.
A standing mat keep your body and feet in a relaxed posture while you are standing. Standing mats also inspires the body movements and it also comforts the switch between the standing and sitting points.
Check out this content by Alan Henry about top 5 standing mats:

Five Best Standing Desk Floor Mats

Alan Henry

Getting a great standing desk is only part of the battle. You do have to keep moving, of course, and standing while you work can be tough on your feet. That’s why most standing desk enthusiasts (ourselves included) suggest an anti-fatigue mat for use with your desk. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your suggestions.
Earlier in the week we asked you which anti-fatigue mats were the best, and you turned up some surprising nominations. We only have room for your top five though, so here they are, in no particular order.

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The standing mats holds their place at the floor more firmly getting your body to shift naturally very slightly. This ease of flexible movement all day, continuously and without any distraction gives you the time and energy to focus on your work rather than your pain or tiredness giving you the energy to work in a better way.

Check this overview video by Fully:

Anti-fatigue mats are one of the best investment you can make for your health.